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Our Mission, Approach, & Engaging With Us

Our mission is uncannily simple—partner with clients to identify key personality, skill, knowledge, and other imperatives toward complete career satisfaction and fulfillment. We are career coaches and we do it best! 

We will not say our process is “easy,” we will say it is refreshing, collaborative, enjoyable, and rewarding. There is nothing better than discovering what really motivates you and identifying a gratifying body of work.

Career Management Benefits

Regardless of where you are in your career, we can guarantee you will benefit from our service. We can guarantee you probably “look” and “feel” very much like our previous and current clients—individuals looking for a holistic approach and outcomes-based support to managing their career.

If you can answer YES! to any of the following questions, your next right move is to call NRM Career Management Services:

  • Do you feel there is a mismatch between your current body of work and your passion?
  • Are you seeking validation that the work you are currently doing is right for you?
  • Have you recently completed a higher education program and are considering what you should do next to leverage your degree and new learning?
  • Have you found that you have reached a plateau in your current job and would like to understand why and what you should do next?
  • Have you recently been impacted by downsizing or right-sizing and would like to explore career options?
  • Have you been away from the work-force and are interested in re-entering?
  • Have you decided you no longer want a “job” and are interested in exploring a viable and long-term career?
  • Are you considering going back to school to get a degree to help build your skills and knowledge?

Closing a Gap Requires Thinking Differently

There are two key gaps Next Right Move Career Management Services effectively addresses.

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, active and graduating college students are not effectively leveraging the Career Services Departments of their universities and colleges. The study also highlights that the much needed and wanted career mapping and planning services current college students and future college graduates desperately seek are often times not part of the robust services offerings of their Career Services Departments. Next Right Move Career Management Services moves beyond simply assisting in resume creation, supporting effective interviewing techniques, and evaluating skills—we are a wonderful and viable partner to Career Services Departments by getting to core basic interests, career motivators, and personal styles in an effort to create a holistic picture for career planning. We get to the heart of the type of work our clients really enjoy, the types of work environments where they will find most enjoyment, and evaluate how clients work, learn, and add value best.

It’s not just enough to get a “job;” the goal is to find a career and make strategic plans to progress in that career while experiencing fulfillment, satisfaction, and engagement.

There’s a new buzz phrase floating in the marketplace—”coach for growth.” Simply put, more and more organizations are identifying ways to take a holistic approach to the career management of their talent. And this is for good reason—Saba’s 2018 State of Employee Engagement Report found that when asked about career development, more than a third of employees surveyed did not believe that employer-provided training was effective in developing and advancing their careers. In many situations, individuals are taking ownership of their own career management and Next Right Move Career Management Services is here to help. Our services help both seasoned careerist and organizations identify opportunities existing. For individuals, we offer outcomes-focused 1:1 career coaching, as well as other services to help, is mapping a viable and sustainable action plan. For corporations, we leverage our Talent Management expertise to identify top producers and assist in mapping a plan of action to highlight growth opportunities.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

We offer comprehensive career management solutions that cater to three distinct segments: recent college grads, individuals with existing work history, and corporations.


Career Management Coaching

We help you identify your optimum career based on several industry-recognized and proprietary instruments.

Career Placement Tools & Resources

The success of any career management action plan is having the most effective tools and resources available.



Is your corporation or organization looking to add to your already robust benefits offerings?

Training & Development

Strengthen your marketability with our individual and corporate training & development services.

Free Consultation

We have affordable packages as well as a la carte services specifically designed with you and your needs in mind. We can also support you in securing your ideal position. Not sure if career coaching is for you, take advantage of our free 45-minute consultation.