Organization Effectiveness

Ensuring an Optimal Internal Infrastructure Toward Guaranteed Success

Promoting excellence and success through purposeful alignment and effectiveness

As a system, organizations can only grow, prosper, expand and meet established goals when all parts of the system are informed, aligned, invested and working toward a common objective. Likewise, organizations can only grow, prosper, expand and meet established goals when the organizational environment is one where all employees can perform their innate and authentic best. When this is not the case, there are several “tells” serving as indicators of the employee experience—high turnover, low engagement, inconsistent overall organizational performance.

NRM offers several solutions leverageable in combination or as ala carte options for organizations seeking to assess and/or improve their effectiveness.


NRM leverages proprietary assessment instruments to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization based on the most appropriate foundational framework model. Final outcomes reporting arms your organization with much needed clarity and a comprehensive roadmap toward designing and developing an actional plan.

Design & Development

NRM partners with your organization to design and develop an action plan toward sustainable improvement through collaboration and active listening as well as supports the evaluation of current and plan-based priorities.


Even a well-designed and developed plan is no match against poorly coordinated execution particularly when change management is in the driver’s seat. NRM supports your organization’s change management effort and provides tools and techniques for gaining buy-in and engagement.


NRM can support the evaluation of introduced change through the identification of streamlined metrics.