Career Placement Tools & Resources

It is no secret that the success of any career management action plan is having the most effective tools and resources available.

NRM offers a smorgasbord of tools and resources to support you such as the development of a professional resume, interview preparedness guidance, and coaching on professional/executive presence. We also will leverage our impressive network toward finding your next great opportunity.

Corporate Career Management Outplacement

Is your organization looking to add to your already robust benefit offerings?

Let NRM support your Talent Management initiatives. Research shows that organizations are seeking new and innovative ways to better leverage their existing talent pools.

Displaced & Transitional Outsourcing

Talent Acquisition & Identification

Individual & Group Interest Inventories

Succession Planning

Personal Ascension Plan Development

Management/Leadership Development

Career Management Solutions

Individual and Corporate Training & Development

We are your one stop shop for individual and corporate training and development—offering a litany of learning topics offered via both live and e-learning platforms.

Next Right Move Career Management Services leverages the nYellow Professional Development Series ™ to offer innovative, cost-effective, and measurable learning solutions. Whether you are an individual looking to expand your current skill and knowledge without enrolling in a degree-seeking college program or a corporation looking to develop your employees toward gaining a competitive advantage, we have just the right solution for you.




Operations & Planning


Management & Leadership Development


Personal Development & Enhancement

Proprietary curriculum allows us to offer reusable learning objectives as well as customized solutions for every learning need. Individual learners can elect from live group facilitation to e-learning options. Our instructors have received specialized training in Andragogy Theory, principles, and methodologies. Courses are fun, engaging, and guarantee immediate application and transference.

Career Management Coaching

Our 1:1 confidential and private collaboration focus’ on helping you identify your optimum career based on several industries recognized and proprietary instruments.

Using the report from these instruments as a guide, we delve deeper into what makes you tick, brings you fulfillment and satisfaction, and motivates your inner core. We listen to you and together develop an action plan that will help you find career options right for you. Remember it’s all about options and choice and the first step in exercising options and choice is getting to the core of you as well as assessing the environment in which you best perform.