Corporate Career ManagEment

Promote an Environment of Clarity, Opportunity, Engagement and Ownership

Corporate Career Management programming may be a vertical or horizontal exercise. Not all ascension opportunities require a promotion or title change. In many instances, employees are seeking ways to demonstrate and be acknowledged for their capabilities through exposure, mentoring, and business driver contributions. Great organizations understand their responsibility in creating, managing and consistently evaluating a cultural ethos invested in robust career management programs.

Resourcing employees to own the trajectory of their professional lives

Align Personal and Organizational Values

Ensure your cultural ethos is one encouraging and supporting the identification and leveraging of individual strengths toward short and long-term value addition

Promote Employee Retention and Engagement

Show your workforce that your organization is an infinity player through programming that promotes longevity and “whole person” investment. Ensure your high performers are fully engaged and excited about the promise and future of your organization

Gain Clarity Around the Competencies and Interests Toward Future-Facing Planning

Create recurring platforms for employees to explore and discuss career interests and opportunities while building the bench strength needed for organizational success, prosperity, and growth

NRM Case Study

This is Chyler. She has been coined a high performer by her manager and the organization. She possesses a litany of talents, strengths, abilities, and interests. However, Chyler is currently feeling pigeon-holed in her current position and has no idea how to best articulate and/or expose the plethora of value-adding talents she sees her organization can leverage. Chyler is frustrated and is considering finding a new position with another organization. It’s time to authentically invest in corporate career management programming for Chyler. 

According to SHRM, many companies are failing to see the big picture when it comes to career management programs and are in danger of losing some of their best talent. At a time when employers are experiencing problems attracting and retaining talent, employers will benefit from understanding and acting on the importance of providing exposure and “stretch” opportunities.

NRM Corporate Career Management ​Solutions

Leverage NRM to ensure a unified, coordinated and sustainable approach to the myriad of talent management activities occurring within your organization. Guarantee your workforce planning, succession planning, self-assessments, performance evaluation, and talent management exercises unlock the value chain which correlate personal success, organization performance and business results.

Interest Inventory

Partner with NRM in identifying and deeply exploring employee’s motivations via their occupational interests and arm employees and the organization with valuable information that can be leveraged in planning and development.

Strengths Assessment

Support employees in living their best possible professional life through the identification of characteristics they innately possess and for which they excel. Positioning employees to focus on their strengths has profound positive effects on both their personal and professional wellbeing which translates to high individual engagement and high expected company outcomes.

Career Mapping

Optimize NRM’s proprietary mapping guide toward building an employee/manager collaboratively created ascension path.  Promote employees seeking out new and exciting opportunities within the organization by leveraging built plans that support the goals of the organization as well as the career goals of individuals.

1 on 1 Targeted Development

Reinforce your company’s investment in the whole employee through the customization of an individualized career management plan optimizing various data points to build performance muscle. Avoid allowing an employee’s blind spot to negatively impact their potential to add value.