Outplacement Transition Support

Support Exiting Employees Through Times of Change

Innovation in Organizational Benefit Offerings

Your organization already offers health and wellness benefits toward supporting the whole person.  Why not extend your benefit offerings to address times of change resulting in reduction in force and/or right-sizing.  An investment in career management does not have to be reserved to future or current employees; displaced employees can benefit from having a compassionate, knowledgeable and invested partner when exploring career options.

NRM supports organizations and individuals in managing employment displacement through compassion and knowledge

Values & Interest Inventory

Partner with NRM in identifying and deeply exploring personal values as well as occupational interests and motivation areas toward ensuring “next step” activities are authentic and beneficial.

Strengths Assessment

NRM is skilled in supporting exiting employees in assessing and identifying personal and professional strengths – characteristics at which they innately possess and can leverage.

Career Coaching & Mapping

NRM’s one on one confidential and private collaboration focuses on helping exiting employees identify their optimum career based on several industry recognized and proprietary instruments. This exploration is followed by extensive career mapping toward guaranteed success.

Career Placement Tools & Resources

NRM offers a smorgasbord of tools and resources to support exiting employees such as the development of a professional resume, interview preparedness guidance, and coaching on professional/executive presence.