Diverse Career Management Solutions

Regardless of your professional level, NRM has service offerings to support your career management needs.

College Graduates

Congratulations you’ve graduated (or you will be graduating very soon)! Now what? It’s a common question for most recent college grads. You may be crystal clear on what you DON’T want to do, but can you say the same about what you WANT to do? Let our skilled career coaches support you in identifying the ideal career for you and how you can most effectively leverage your recently obtained degree toward a fulfilling career.

Take the guesswork out of identifying and/or confirming your next right move relative to your career. Move beyond the skills-based approach to career planning and delve into your motivations, basic interests, personal style, and ideal working environment. It’s not just about getting a “job,” it’s about getting a fulfilling job and one that can support you on your career path.


So, you’re considering changing careers or you’re thinking about how to progress your current career, now what? All it takes is a call to NRM to get started. Research is showing more and more individuals are taking ownership of their career management opposed to passively waiting for their organization to do so. We can help. We offer several resources to provide much needed clarification and/or confirmation.

Why not leverage:

  • A customized career interest report which serves as a data supported springboard to career exploration
  • 1:1 confidential and engaging career exploration sessions in the comfort and security of our office (it’s a judgment-free zone)
  • A collaboratively created and detailed action plan which serves a road map to career identification and ascension
  • An expertly written resume to promote your value addition through skill, knowledge, and abilities
  • Available training courses to help strengthen your skill, knowledge, and marketability

Whether you are currently working but are not fulfilled, simply seeking clarification around your current profession, or someone recently impacted by corporate downsizing, calling Next Right Move Career Management Services, is your next right move!

Free Consultation

We have affordable packages as well as a la carte services specifically designed with you and your needs in mind. We can also support you in securing your ideal position. Not sure if career coaching is for you, take advantage of our free 45-minute consultation.